Welcome to Zeej.Actor, an online creative resume for Zach Anderson, better known as Zeej.


Zach Anderson grew up next to many people with the last name Anderson. As a kindergartner, it was impossible to know which locker was his. When he’d line up alphabetically by last name there were so many Andersons in front of him he’d still be last. His mom would bring him to Target and it’d take four tries before the right meds for the right Andersons were found. To say the least, being unique became important to Zach Anderson. Especially when he met another Zach Anderson who ended up being his neighbor and who, in fact, had the same birthday as him AND was a bit of a trouble maker…teachers would raise eyebrows at Zach when Zach had done nothing. Every corner Zach Anderson turned he’d run into another Anderson, or a Zach Anderson look alike, or even another Zach Anderson. It was perplexing.¬†

With this in mind, answering the question- what makes us unique? Has been a personal journey of Zach Anderson’s¬†starting with finding a new name- Zeej.

This website represents the many projects Zeej has completed with the intention of providing a slice of style that may inspire coordination. There is always more work to be done and limiting ourselves to genres only keeps creative minds apart. So, please, see what Zeej has to offer and be sparked to create theatre, music, poetry, or literature, and contact Zeej for technical and creative help!

Zeej is currently employed at Fredrickson Learning as a Learning Developer and Videographer.


Zeej is a double Theatre and Media/Cultural Studies Major at Macalester College, a theatre addict, and marketer.


Experienced in media and marketing, Zeej has held internships at Penumbra and Park Square Theatre

Article by Vincent Hannam on Zach’s work at Park Square Theatre-


He has done video, photography and planning for Saint Paul’s Jazz Fest: 2017


Hanging out with ex-Mayor Coleman behind the stage in Mears Park

Alongside Macalester’s Zen Buddhist Chaplain, Mark Anderson, Zeej contributed as a Radio Production Intern to the Mindfulness Bell podcast on KFAI radio.

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An avid meditator and yogi, Zeej has maintained a routine practice for ten years. Sometimes friends join.


Zeej preparing for a show in the green room unaware of a copy cat.

And finally, a real outdoorsmen, Zeej loves to landscape and trim trees

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Please contact me with any thoughts, questions, or opportunities, and thank you for your time,