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Zeej Demo Reel 2020 – Angry Snorts Productions

What a year! From the intensity of protesting for George Floyd to the endless boredom of sitting around the house, chewing on books and tv shows like bones that only make the teeth sharper, 2020 often felt like a series of closed doors…so the goal of the year was to find some open ones. The door was opened to working with Theatre in the Round to create digital content as performance venues are closed, to writing and filming a short horror film in the UP of Michigan, to discovering timelapse photography and as always researching and trying out new video equipment, and finally to finding time to write and meditate more, reevaluating what is truly important when using film as a medium to send a message.

Zeej Demo Reel 2019 – Angry Snorts Productions

This is Zeej’s (Zach Anderson’s) 2019 Demo Reel through his independent company, Angry Snorts Productions. Services include short film production, Broll, documentary, aerial photo/video, event coverage, performance art, and instructional design.

Greenhouse Gas Dome Poem

A poem by Michael Chaney on the Mississippi’s use and abuse, shot in the Minneapolis Upper Harbor Terminal, soon to be renovated and turned into a First Avenue music venue.

“Dronin’ by a train” Drone demo footage

I am a fully licensed drone pilot who recently had the pleasure to catch the Red Pacific traveling from Saint Paul to Minneapolis.


Have you heard the legend of the Michigan Melonheads? Watch as three friends embark on a terrifying journey of unresolved conflict as they encounter a small being of great fright…

Como El Sol

Music video I helped film and produce from artist Gretta Marston, fellow Macalester student and friend!

Vertical Challenge

My submission for a vertical challenge film contest.