Two seasoned and tired workers have the late shifts. All is normal until….


7 Second Profile Video

Been offering profile videos for students at Macalester like this one, a little extra flare for their social media sites. The video is looped and shot in front of Green Screen. Effects were added in Adobe Premiere Pro.


Diagnosis versus Prophecy: A Motion Poem.

Warning: Partial Nudity

This motion poem I made after a semester of digesting performance theory. It is inspired by Theodor Adorno, Louis Althusser, Jon Mckenzie, Judith Butler, and a bit of Alan Watts. It could be called an erasure poem as it was originally much longer, with grammatical structure intact, but, after heavy editing I took more and more away until I was left with this. In my encounter with theory I came across many ideas and words that were abstract, undefinable even, yet sensational. I felt like I was acquiring keys to unlock further knowledge with such words as liminality, performative utterance, ideological apparatus, and the mind-body dichotomy. However, I came to a screeching halt in my studies when I asked the question- is this knowledge diagnosing the world, or prophesizing it? And so, in my creation of the piece I followed sensation in an attack on knowledge itself, saying that we should be weary of what we believe is true about the world versus what we are making true with our words and actions.

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